The consultancy of

Angelo Babudro

Software Engineer · Systems Engineer · DBA
Project Manager · Director/Manager · Author

Canadian and American citizen. Willing to travel and open to opportunities worldwide.

Notable Achievements

  • Started programming at age 11. Hired at age 13 to develop a medical office patient database application that was presented at a trade show three years later.
  • National Science Foundation honour scholar at age 16.
  • Started six businesses beginning at age 18.
  • Published a book in 1988 to help entrepreneurs implement microcomputers in their business.
  • Started an ISP in 1998, published How To Start an ISP Using Linux in 1999, introduced a 2.4GHz wireless Internet service in 2000 only a year after the term "WiFi" was coined and the 802.11b protocol released, and was chosen by four telecoms to design, build, and oversee the implementation of their ISP networks between 2001 to 2004.

Consulting Services

  • Internet/Intranet server selection, installation, configuration, documentation, and/or training — web, e-mail, proxy, firewall, DNS, DHCP, etc.
  • Software engineering with emphasis on Linux-Apache-PHP-MySQL (LAMP) or Linux "full stack" development projects
  • Documentation writing and editing
  • IT project planning and management
  • Network monitoring systems (NMS) with emphasis on SevOne and Zabbix
  • Server and network security audits and improvements
  • Please see the Services section for more details.

Other services

  • Foreign citizenship assistance. I started offering this service for an African client to facilitate travel and commerce, and would be happy to assist anyone in obtaining citizenship in Canada, the USA, or any of several Caribbean countries.
  • Domain name registration assistance. An automated registration service is under development.
  • Managed web, e-mail, and database hosting.

Community Contributions

  • The Internet's original Linux ISP How-To
    First published in 1999, the ISP How-To has been expanded into a non-commercial weblog that provides tips and tutorials on a variety of topics focusing on Gentoo and Red Hat Linux.
  • Web content filtering for ISPs who wish to offer a Christian or family-oriented service or businesses who need an inexpensive solution.
  • Stapler DNS configuration management software that helps to centralise DNS records, reduce errors, and generate complete sets of uniformly formatted zone files with minimal effort.