Angelo Babudro

Software Engineer
Linux Systems Engineer
Project Manager

ISP Limited provides services to help businesses implement Linux servers or review and improve the security, administration, & speed of existing servers. Our customers include large, medium, and small businesses in Canada, the USA, and Africa.

Consulting Services

  • IT project planning and management
  • Design and implementation of an ISP network
  • Network security, planning, and implementation
  • Installation of Internet servers and networks
  • Programming
  • Foreign citizenship assistance for clients in restricted countries (e.g., much of Africa) to facilitate travel to Canada and other countries.
  • See Services section for more.

Community Contributions

  • The Internet's original Linux ISP How-To
    First published in 1999, the ISP How-To has been expanded and turned into a wiki that permits others to participate in the sharing of information. The How-To is a non-commercial (i.e., free) offering, intended for those who have substantial knowledge and want to do build and configure a network of Linux servers themselves.
  • Web content filtering for ISPs who wish to offer a Christian or family-oriented service.
  • Stapler DNS configuration management software.